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famille B.Habitat for Humanity Province of Quebec, is pleased to introduce three generations of the family who will live together in the duplex that Habitat has renovated in Mercier east.

The family has been in Quebec for 23 years.  Recently the young mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the couple’s current living arrangement – an apartment on 2 floors where the bedrooms and bathroom are situated in the basement – has become increasingly difficult for her to access, due to constant weakness in her legs. Happily, she can count on help from her parents and brother who live close by, and who love to take care of the little ones.
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After searching unsuccessfully for a suitable apartment, she saw an article in the “Metro” newspaper that explained how Habitat for Humanity helps families in need. The extended family immediately applied to be considered for the program.

They were delighted to be accepted to purchase a duplex in which the young family can live downstairs where all the rooms are on the same floor, while the grand-parents and uncle will live upstairs. Upon hearing the news, the young mama said “I am so happy to know that there are people around us who care and that we are not alone. We consider ourselves fortunate to have a home that meets our family’s needs, especially the fact that grand-mama and grand-papa will be right above us and can be part of the family nest.”

This latest partner family lost no time starting on their sweat equity (volunteer hours). The Restore is very happy to have as enthusiastic a person as the mother, helping out behind the cash and on the sales floor, and the young father is helping to build the fence that will enclose their future back-yard, where the mother will be able to watch her children play without having to walk to a park – a journey that is becoming difficult for her.

All of us at Habitat for Humanity Province of Quebec, are rooting for this family and wish them much happiness in their new home.

Family profile


 Habitat for Humanity Montreal welcomes our newest partner family.

The mother is originally from the Democratic Rebublic of the Congo and the father is from Burundi.  When he originally arrived in North America it was  in New York and the only words he could speak in English were “Good morning”, but when he learned that there was a place up north where French was spoken, he immediately boarded a bus and came to Quebec.  In spite of arriving in the middle of winter, he liked Montreal so much that he decided to stay.

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 The family first learned of Habitat for Humanity Montreal though a community center in Little Burgundy where the two daughters volunteer helping younger children to do their homework.

 The family is currently living in subsidized housing that is in very bad repair.  There are holes in the walls, a leak though the ceiling from the bathroom of the apartment above, and doors that are falling off their hinges. There are damp spots on the interior walls when it rains or the weather is cold.

 When the family learned that they had been accepted to purchase a Habitat for Humanity Montreal home they felt proud and happy. Since the parents arrived here from Africa they had dreamed of owning their own house.  After living for 11 years in subsidized housing they are excited to finally have the opportunity to become home owners, and are eager to start accumulating the 500 volunteer hours that they must complete before acquiring the house.  “To have our own home will be extraordinary because it will be as if we have turned a new page in our lives”.

A Deux-Montagne family


A Deux-Montagne family

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